Alpha Decay

Science / Biology / Alpha Decay: Type of radioactive decay in which a radioisotope emits a large but slow-moving particle consisting of two protons and two neutrons.

Other Words for Decay

Decay Noun Synonyms: rot, rotting, decomposition, mould, putrefaction, mortification
Decay Verb Synonyms: rot, decompose, moulder, putrefy, spoil, turn, go bad, go off
Decay Adjective Synonyms: a decline, wane, ebb, dwindle, diminish, decrease

Aluminum Oxide (Alpha Single Crystal)

Health / Dentistry / Aluminum Oxide (Alpha Single Crystal): An inert highly biocompatible strong ceramic material from which endosseous implants are fabricated. MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Alphanumeric: A message or other type of readout containing both letters (alphas) and numbers (numerics). In cellular, alphanumeric memory dial is a special type of dial-from-memory option that displays both the na MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Alphabetism: A word formed from the initial letters of other words (or syllables) pronounced with the letters of the alphabet--such as the IRS, CIA, the VP, or VIP. See further discussion under acronym. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Alphabetic: The adjective alphabetic refers to any writing system in which each unit or letter represents a single sound in theory. English writing is theoretically alphabetic--but in actual point of fact is so r MORE

Beta Decay

Science / Biology / Beta Decay: Type of radioactive decay in which a radioisotope emits a small, negatively-charged and fast-moving particle from its nucleus. The beta particle is similar in size, charge, and speed to an electron an MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Decay: The time of reduction of the level of a signal immediately after its cessation . MORE