Amniote Egg

Science / Biology / Amniote Egg: An egg with compartmentalized sacs (a liquid-filled sac in which the embryo develops, a food sac, and a waste sac) that allowed vertebrates to reproduce on land.

Goose Egg

Entertainment / Baseball / Goose Egg: Refers to a Zero put up on the scoreboard after an inning. MORE

Fried Egg

Entertainment / Golf / Fried Egg: A lie (usually in a sand filled bunker) in which the ball is half buried and thus resembles a fried egg MORE

Eggshell Finish

Life Style / Painting / Eggshell Finish: The degree of gloss between a flat and gloss finish. MORE

Ham And Egg

Entertainment / Golf / Ham And Egg: When players on a team (usually a two-man team) compliment each other during a match -- usually thought of in terms of 'better ball' situations (e.g., when one team member plays poorly on a given hole MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Keggling: Bowling. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Reggae: Jamaican popular music style characterized by offbeat rhythms and chanted vocals over a strong bass part: often associated with the Christian religious movement Rastafarianism. MORE