Science / Biology / Angiosperms: Flowering plants. First appearing at least 110 million years ago from an unknown gymnosperm ancestor, flowering planbts have risen to dominance in most of the worlds floras. The male gametophyte is 2-3 cells contained within a pollen grain; the female gametophyte is usually eight cells contained within an ovule which is retaind on the sporophyte phase of the plants life cycle.


Science / Biology / Monocots: One of the two major types of fiowering plants; characterized by having a single cotyledon, fioral organs arranged in threesd or multiples of three, and parallel-veined leaves; include grasses, cattai MORE


Science / Biology / Synergid: Cells in the embryo sac of angiosperms that flank the egg cell. The pollen tube grows through one (usually the smaller) of the synergids. MORE


Science / Biology / Endosperm: A food storage tissue that provides nutrients to the developing embryo in angiosperms; formed from the triploid cell produced when a sperm cell fertilizes the central cell. Some endosperm is solid (as MORE