Antagonistic Muscles

Science / Biology / Antagonistic Muscles: A pair of muscles that work to produce opposite effects&emdash;one contracts as the other relaxes: for example, the bicep and tricep muscles on opposite sides of your upper arm.

Intercostal Muscles

Health / Pilates / Intercostal Muscles: The muscles that run diagonally between each rib (also known as rib cage abs). Intercostals help to control the expansion and contraction of your rib cage when you breathe. MORE

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Health / Pilates / Pelvic Floor Muscles: The deep internal muscles engaged when halting urination or performing a Kegel exercise. MORE

Shoulder Muscles

Health / Fitness / Shoulder Muscles: A group of muscles located at the upper arm to the torso of the body. Compised of three heads, front, medial and rear delt. MORE

Smile Muscles

Health / Pilates / Smile Muscles: The muscles at the base of your buttocks, where the backs of your thighs insert into your pelvis. They form a smiling U shape under each buttock when engaged. MORE

Hamstring Muscles

Health / Fitness / Hamstring Muscles: Muscle located on the back of the thigh. This muscle is used to move the lower leg to the back of the body, the buttocks. MORE

Chest Muscles

Health / Fitness / Chest Muscles: Muscle located between the neck and abdomen. These muscles run over the rib cage in a patern similar to a fan. MORE