Science / Biology / Anther: The top of a stamens filament; divided into pollen sacs in which the pollen grains form.

Expanded Memory

Technology / Computers / Expanded Memory: Anther term for Expanded Memory is EMS (Expanded Memory Specification). In a DOS based system there is 1 MB (megabyte) of address space available for main memory. 384K is for high-memory and 640K is f MORE


Entertainment / Football / Z-Receiver: A term used in offensive play calling that usually refers to the flanker, or the wide receiver that lines up off the line of scrimmage. For example, 'Panther Gun 85 Slant Z Go' tells the Z-receiver to MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anthology: (from Grk. Anther+logos, 'flower-words') Literally implying a collection of flowers, the term anthology refers to a collection of poetry, drama, or verse. English majors may be familiar with the ubiqu MORE


Science / Biology / Stamens: The male reproductive structures of a fiower; usually consist of slender, thread-like filaments topped by anthers. The male reproductive structures in the flower, composed of a filament and anther. MORE


Science / Biology / Filaments: Slender, thread-like stalks that make up the stamens of a fiower; topped by the anthers. MORE


Science / Biology / Microsporangia: Structures of the sporophyte in which microspores are produced by meiosis. In flowering plants the microsporangia are known as anther sacs. MORE