Antibiotic Resistance

Science / Biology / Antibiotic Resistance: Tendency of certain bacteria to develop a resistance to commonly over-used antibiotics.

Other Words for Resistance

Resistance Verb Synonyms: defenses
Resistance Noun Synonyms: opposition, defiance, refusal, denial, obstruction, intransigence, rebelliousness, recalcitrance, stubbornness

Pesticide Resistance

Business / Agriculture / Pesticide Resistance: The evolutionary capacity of pests exposed to a pesticide to develop resistance to that pesticide. Some genetically engineered crops now being marketed are accompanied by pest resistance management pl MORE

Pest Resistance Management (PRM) Plans

Business / Agriculture / Pest Resistance Management (PRM) Plans: To protect the continued use of biopesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency is requiring companies developing transgenic crops (see genetic engineering) to submit and implement pest resistance MORE

Moisture Resistance

Life Style / Painting / Moisture Resistance: The ability of a paint or stain to resis swelling, blistering or other damage caused by moisture. MORE

Progressive Resistance

Health / Fitness / Progressive Resistance: Method of training where weight is increased as muscles gain strength and endurance. The backbone of all weight training. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Resistance: Symbol: R. The opposition to the flow of electrons offered by a device or material. Opposition by resistance causes a loss of power. MORE

Weather Resistance

Life Style / Painting / Weather Resistance: The ability of a coating to retain its appearance and integrity in the face of various weather conditions. MORE