Antibody-Mediated Immunity

Science / Biology / Antibody-Mediated Immunity: Immune reaction that protects primarily against invading viruses and bacteria through antibodies produced by plasma cells; also known as humoral immunity.

Other Words for Immunity

Immunity Adjective Synonyms: exemption, non-liability, invulnerability, protection, excuse, release, exclusion, privilege, freedom, indemnity, amnesty, exoneration, absolution

Job Reference Immunity Statutes

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Reference Immunity Statutes: Laws enacted in several states meant to provide employers with protection from liability when disclosing information regarding current or former employees. Typically for an employer to be immune from MORE

Secondary Immunity

Science / Biology / Secondary Immunity: Resistance to an antigen the second time it appears. Because of the presence of B and T memory cells produced during the first exposure to the antigen, the second response is faster and more massive a MORE


Health / Disease / Immunity: Having sufficient biological defenses to avoid a specific disease. MORE

Herd Immunity

Health / Disease / Herd Immunity: A type of community protection from disease that occurs when the vaccination of a portion of the population (or herd) provides protection to unvaccinated individuals by making it less likely that any MORE

Cell-Mediated Immunity

Science / Biology / Cell-Mediated Immunity: Immune reaction directed against body cells that have been infected by viruses and bacteria; controlled by T cells. MORE

Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity

Business / Finance / Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity: Limit order to buy or to sell, or a stop limit order to sell that is not to be reduced by the amount of an ordinary cash dividend on the ex-dividend date. A 'do not reduce order' applies only to ordin MORE