Science / Biology / Antigens: Molecules carried or produced by microorganisms that initiate antibody production; mostly proteins or proteins combined with polysaccharides.

B Cells

Science / Biology / B Cells: Type of lymphocyte responsible for antibody-mediated immunity; mature in the bone marrow and circulate in the circulatory and lymph systems where they transform into antibody-producing plasma cells wh MORE

Antigen Drift

Health / Disease / Antigen Drift: The random accumulation of mutations in viral genes recognized by the immune system. Such accumulation may significantly change the antigens of the virus, and may help it evade the immune system. MORE


Science / Biology / Allergens: Antigens that provoke an allergic reaction. MORE

Blood Group Or Type

Science / Biology / Blood Group Or Type: One of the classes into which blood can be separated on the basis of the presence or absence of certain antigens; notably, the ABO types and the Rh blood group. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Biologics: Immunization vaccines, bacterins, antigens, and antitoxins and other preparations made from living organisms and their products, intended for use in diagnosing, immunizing, or treating humans or anima MORE

Veterinary Biologics

Business / Agriculture / Veterinary Biologics: Vaccines, antigens, antitoxins and other preparations made from living organisms (or genetically engineered) and intended for use in diagnosing, treating, or immunizing animals. Unlike some pharmaceut MORE