Science / Biology / Anus: The posterior opening of the digestive tract.

Ellesmere Manuscript

Entertainment / Literature / Ellesmere Manuscript: Usually referred to as 'the Ellesmere,' this book is one of the most important surviving fifteenth-century manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The beautiful Ellesmere manuscript contains the be MORE

Winchester Manuscript

Entertainment / Literature / Winchester Manuscript: A handwritten book or manuscript by two scribes containing the text of Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. Librarian Walter Oakeshott discovered the text in 1934. It had been locked in a safe in the Warden's MORE

Vercelli Manuscript

Entertainment / Literature / Vercelli Manuscript: An important manuscript of Old English religious poems and sermons--probably written in the late tenth-century. The name comes from Vercelli monastery in northern Italy, where the lost manuscript was MORE

Hengwrt Manuscript

Entertainment / Literature / Hengwrt Manuscript: (pronounced 'HENG-urt') One of the most important manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, along with the Ellesmere text. The official designation of this book is Peniarth MS 392 D, but it is known MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Manuscript: A text written by hand, as opposed to one printed with a printing press. (Manus is Latin for 'hand', scriptum is a Latin participle for 'written.') Early Egyptian manuscripts are written on crushed an MORE


Science / Astrology / Uranus: Represents the erratic, the bizarre, and the different. It rules freedom, inventions, originality, computers, technology, science, electricity, revolution, rebellion and change. Uranus breaks through MORE