Science / Biology / Assortment: A way in which meiosis produces new combinations of genetic information. Paternal and maternal chromosomes line up randomly during synapsis, so each daughter cell is likely to receive an assortment of maternal and paternal chromosomes rather than a complete set from either.

Other Words for Assortment

Assortment Noun Synonyms: group, class, category, batch, set, lot, classification, grouping

Principle Of Independent Assortment

Science / Biology / Principle Of Independent Assortment: Mendels second law; holds that during gamete formation, alleles in one gene pair segregate into gametes independently of the alleles of other gene pairs. As a result, if enough gametes are produced, t MORE


Health / Disease / Reassortment: A mixing of the genetic material of two similar viruses that are infecting the same cell. MORE

Independent Assortment

Science / Genetics / Independent Assortment: During meiosis each of the two copies of a gene is distributed to the germ cells independently of the distribution of other genes. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Alexithymia: A disturbance in affective and cognitive function that can be present in an assortment of diagnostic entities. The chief manifestations are difficulty in describing or recognizing ones own emotions, MORE

Therapeutic Touch

Health / Massage / Therapeutic Touch: Developed through the collaboration of a nursing professor and a spiritual healer, Therapeutic Touch is based on ancient energy healing methods. Practitioners, primarily nurses, are trained to feel or MORE


Business / Finance / Divestiture: An investment vehicle such as a mutual fund that invests in an assortment of securities. MORE