Science / Biology / Aster: Short fibers produced by cells during mitosis and meiosis. These radiate from the centriole (if it is present).

Sivitz Roaster

Life Style / Coffee / Sivitz Roaster: Type of coffee roaster named after inventor Michael Sivetz. Also known by the generic terms Fluid Bed Roaster, Fluidized Bed Roaster, and Air Roaster, A roasting apparatus that works much like a giant MORE

Screed, Plaster

Business / Construction / Screed, Plaster: A small strip of wood, usually the thickness of the plaster coat, used as a guide for plastering. MORE

Gypsum Plaster

Business / Construction / Gypsum Plaster: Gypsum formulated to be used with the addition of sand and water for base-coat plaster. MORE


Science / Astrology / Asteroids: Small planets (planetoids) or pieces of planets, most of which are found in the Asteroid Belt, that part of space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Astrological researchers are currently interes MORE

Master Of Wine

Life Style / Wine / Master Of Wine: A qualification (not an academic degree) conferred by The Institute of Masters of Wine, which is located in the United Kingdom. MORE

Easter Sunday

Life Style / Holiday / Easter Sunday: Between March 22 and April 25. Christians welcome Easter Sunday with a sunrise service. Ukrainians may have service at dawn on Easter and watch the sun rise. Macedonians may hold midnight services. Se MORE