Atomic Number

Science / Biology / Atomic Number: The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom.

Other Words for Number

Number Noun Synonyms: issue, edition, copy
Number Adjective Synonyms: numeral, integer, figure, digit
Number Verb Synonyms: few, handful, crowd, slew, gang, bunch, party, bevy, covey, troop, company, platoon, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, host, army, mass, hundred, thousand, million, billion, several, many, numbers, legions, slew(s) or slue(s), loads

Atomic Number (Z)

Science / Chemistry / Atomic Number (Z): The number of protons in an atomic nucleus. The atomic number and the element symbol are two alternate ways to label an element. In nuclide symbols, the atomic number is a leading subscript; for examp MORE

Course Numbers

Life Style / College / Course Numbers: All courses are identified by numbers usually containing 3 digits, for example Freshman English might be 101. The first digit indicates the class year in which the subject is usually taken. A course n MORE

CUSIP Number

Business / Finance / CUSIP Number: The theory that a stock with many short positions taken in it will rise, because these positions must be covered by the stock. MORE

Coordination Number

Science / Chemistry / Coordination Number: The number of bonds formed by the central atom in a metal-ligand complex. MORE

CAS Registry Number

Health / Disease / CAS Registry Number: A unique number assigned to a substance or mixture by the American Chemical Society Abstracts Service [external link]. MORE

Bin Number (Australia)

Life Style / Wine / Bin Number (Australia): A bin is a storage area in a wine cellar. With each successive harvest, wines were allocated the same bin year after year. With time the bin number became associated with the wine - the Shiraz was sto MORE