Axial Skeleton

Science / Biology / Axial Skeleton: The skull, vertebral column, and rib cage; one of the two components of the skeleton in vertebrates.


Science / Biology / Endoskeleton: An internal supporting skeleton with muscles on the outside; in vertebrates, consists of the skull, spinal column, ribs, and appendages. MORE


Science / Biology / Exoskeleton: A hard, jointed, external covering that encloses the muscles and organs of an organism; typical of many arthropods including insects. MORE

Hydrostatic Skeleton

Science / Biology / Hydrostatic Skeleton: Fluid-filled closed chambers that give support and shape to the body in organisms such as jellyfish and earthworms. No to be confused with the water-vascular system of echinoderms. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Paraxial: Rays nearest the optical axis of a lens. MORE


Science / Biology / Cytoskeleton: A three-dimensional network of microtubules and filaments that provides internal support for the cells, anchors internal cell structures, and functions in cell movement and division. MORE

Coaxial Cable

Technology / Computers / Coaxial Cable: A data transmission cable praised for its high bandwidth, immunity to interference (eg: EMI) and cursed for its high cost. The inner conductor is shielded in insulating material as well as an outer co MORE