B Cells

Science / Biology / B Cells: Type of lymphocyte responsible for antibody-mediated immunity; mature in the bone marrow and circulate in the circulatory and lymph systems where they transform into antibody-producing plasma cells when exposed to antigens.

Suppressor T Cells

Science / Biology / Suppressor T Cells: T cells that slow down and stop the immune response of B cells and other T cells. Immune system cells that shut off the antibody production when an infection is under control. MORE

Plasma Cells

Science / Biology / Plasma Cells: Cells produced from B cells that synthesize and release antibodies. MORE

Helper T Cells

Science / Biology / Helper T Cells: A type of lymphocyte that stimulates the production of antibodies by activating B cells when an antigen is present. MORE

B Memory Cells

Science / Biology / B Memory Cells: Long-lived B cells that are produced after an initial exposure to an antigen and play an important role in secondary immunity. They remain in the body and facilitate a more rapid responce if the antig MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Maracaibo: A class of coffees from Venezuela, including many of the most characteristic and distinguished coffees of that country. MORE

Malpighian Tubules

Science / Biology / Malpighian Tubules: The excretory organs of insects; a set of long tubules that open into the gut. MORE