Barr Body

Science / Biology / Barr Body: Inactivated X-chromosome in mammalian females. Although inactivated, the Barr body is replicated prior to cell division and thus is passed on to all descendant cells of the embryonic cell that had one of its X-chromosomes inactivated.

Other Words for Body

Body Noun Synonyms: corpse, cadaver, remains, carcass, stiff

Conscious Bodywork

Health / Massage / Conscious Bodywork: This form of neuromuscular reprogramming and therapy combines massage techniques with muscle testing in order to help people learn how to use their muscles with greater strength and less effort. Consc MORE

Cell Body

Science / Biology / Cell Body: In a neuron, the part that contains the nucleus and most of the cytoplasm and the organelles. MORE

Celestial Body

Science / Astrology / Celestial Body: A physical form which exists in space; such as a planet. MORE

Core Bodywork

Health / Massage / Core Bodywork: A myofascial and structural therapy integrating four phases of treatment, including massage, myofascial therapy, structural balance and integration. MORE

Dispute Settlement Body (DSB)

Business / Agriculture / Dispute Settlement Body (DSB): The General Council of the World Trade Organization, composed of all member countries, convenes as the Dispute Settlement Body to administer rules and procedures. It is responsible for adjudicating di MORE

Huma Transpersonal Bodywork

Health / Massage / Huma Transpersonal Bodywork: A method of bodywork that integrates subtle, articulate touch and verbal communication by combining the focus of physical and psychological health found in Western body-based tradition with the deeper MORE