Science / Biology / Biodiversity: Biological diversity; can be measured in terms of genetic, species, or ecosystem diversity.

Biodiversity (Or Biological Diversity)

Business / Agriculture / Biodiversity (Or Biological Diversity): In general, the variety and variation among plants, animals, and microorganisms, and among their ecosystems. It has 3 levels: ecosystem diversity, species diversity, and genetic (within species) diver MORE


Business / Agriculture / Habitat: The place where a population (e.g., human, animal, plant, microorganism) lives, characterized by physical features (e.g., desert) and/or dominant plants (e.g., deciduous forest). MORE

Species Diversity

Science / Biology / Species Diversity: The number of living species on Earth. MORE

Ecosystem Diversity

Science / Marine Biology / Ecosystem Diversity: The diversity of biological communities and their physical environment. Diversity is determined by the species composition, physical structure and processes within an ecosystem. This is the highest le MORE

Conservation Biology

Science / Marine Biology / Conservation Biology: A field of science that deals with threats to biodiversity. The goals of conservation biology are to investigate human impacts of biodiversity and to develop approaches to prevent extinction through s MORE

Genetic Diversity

Science / Marine Biology / Genetic Diversity: The genetic variation that occurs within a population or species. For example, there are several different colour dog whelk shells and ochre sea stars. See also biodiversity; compare ecosystem diversi MORE