Science / Biology / Biome: A large-scale grouping that includes many communities of a similar nature.

Freshwater Biome

Science / Biology / Freshwater Biome: The aquatic biome consisting of water containing fewer salts than the waters in the marine biome; divided into two zones: running waters (rivers, streams) and standing waters (lakes, ponds). MORE

Marine Biome

Science / Biology / Marine Biome: The aquatic biome consisting of waters containing 3.5% salt on average; includes the oceans and covers more than 70% of the Earths surface; divided into benthic and pelagic zones. MORE

Tropical Rain Forest Biome

Science / Biology / Tropical Rain Forest Biome: The most complex and diverse biome; found near the equator in South America and Africa; characterized by thin soils, heavy rainfall, and little fiuctuation in temperature. MORE


Health / Fitness / Biomechanics: The study of the mechanics of a part or function of a living body MORE

Desert Biome

Science / Biology / Desert Biome: Characterized by dry conditions and plants and animals that have adapted to those conditions; found in areas where local or global influences block rainfall. MORE

Biomedical Testing

Health / Disease / Biomedical Testing: Testing of persons to find out whether a change in a body function might have occurred because of exposure to a hazardous substance. MORE