Science / Biology / Bladder: A hollow, distensible organ with muscular walls that stores urine and expels it through the urethra.

Boneset (Eupatorium perfolatum)

Health / Herbs / Boneset (Eupatorium perfolatum): Diaphoretic, helps reduce fevers, bitter action for liver, gall bladder, and bowel. MORE


Health / Disease / Gravel: A disease characterized by small stones which are formed in the kidneys, passed along the ureters to the bladder, and expelled with the urine. Synonym MORE

Buchu (Barosma betulina)

Health / Herbs / Buchu (Barosma betulina): Diuretic, reduces inflamed mucous membranes that cause a mucous discharge, helps heal cystitis (infection of the urinary bladder and tract) and prostatis (infection of the prostrate gland), relieves i MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Trochee: A two-syllable unit or foot of poetry consisting of a heavy stress followed by a light stress. Many words in English naturally form trochees, including happy, hammer, Pittsburgh, nugget, double, inces MORE

Rete Mirabile

Science / Marine Biology / Rete Mirabile: A countercurrent exchange structure of capillaries that allows gas uptake in a fish swim bladder MORE


Science / Biology / Urine: Fluid containing various wastes that is produced in the kidney and excreted from the bladder. MORE