Science / Biology / Brain: The most anterior, most highly developed portion of the central nervous system.

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Brain Noun Synonyms: brains, intelligence, intellect, understanding, sense, thought, imagination, capacity, perspicacity, perceptiveness, perception, percipience, wisdom, sagacity, wit, discernment, acumen, knowledge, cognition


Science / Biology / Forebrain: The part of the brain that consists of the diencephalon and cerebrum. MORE

Brain Gym

Health / Massage / Brain Gym: Created by Paul and Gail Dennison, Brain Gym (or Educational Kinesiology or Edu-K) is a sensorimotor program based on research by educational therapists, developmental optometrists, and other speciali MORE


Science / Biology / Midbrain: A network of neurons that connects with the forebrain and relays sensory signals to other integrating centers. MORE

Brain Stem

Science / Biology / Brain Stem: The portion of the brain that is continuous with the spinal cord and consists of the medulla oblongata and pons of the hindbrain and the midbrain. MORE


Business / Finance / No-Brainer: A market in which it does not take very complex analysis to figure out how securities are going to perform, such as a strong bull market. MORE


Health / Massage / Serotonin: A hormone , also called 5-hydroxytryptamine , in the pineal gland , blood platelets, the digestive tract, and the brain. Serotonin acts both as a chemical messenger that transmits nerve signals betwee MORE