Brown Algae

Science / Biology / Brown Algae: Multicellular protistans placed in the Division Phaeophyta, includes kelp.

Green Algae

Science / Biology / Green Algae: Common name for algae placed in the division Chlorophyta. MORE

Heterotrophic Algae

Science / Marine Biology / Heterotrophic Algae: Algae that take up organic molecules as a primary source of nutrition MORE

Oscar Brown

Entertainment / Golf / Oscar Brown: Another phrase for out of bounds MORE

Red Algae

Science / Biology / Red Algae: Common name for the algae placed in the division Rhodophyta. MORE

Auxotrophic Algae

Science / Marine Biology / Auxotrophic Algae: Algae requiring a few organically derived substances, such as vitamins, along with dissolved inorganic nutrients for photosynthesis. MORE

Golden Brown Algae

Science / Biology / Golden Brown Algae: Common name applied to the protistan division Chrysophyta. MORE