Science / Biology / Capillaries: Small, thin-walled blood vessels that allow oxygen to diffuse from the blood into the cells and carbon dioxide to diffuse from the cells into the blood.


Health / First Aid / Capillary: The smallest blood vessels in the body: the skin is rife with capillaries MORE

Capillary Array

Science / Genetics / Capillary Array: Gel-filled silica capillaries used to separate fragments for dna sequencing. The small diameter of the capillaries permit the application of higher electric fields, providing high speed, high throughp MORE

Rete Mirabile

Science / Marine Biology / Rete Mirabile: A countercurrent exchange structure of capillaries that allows gas uptake in a fish swim bladder MORE

Bohr Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Bohr Effect: When blood ph decreases, the ability of hemoglobin to bind to oxygen decreases. An adaptation to release oxygen in the oxygen starved tissues in capillaries where respiratory carbon dioxide lowers blo MORE

Circulatory System

Science / Biology / Circulatory System: One of eleven major body organ systems in animals; transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and waste products between cells and the respiratory system and carries chemical signals from the endoc MORE


Science / Biology / Venules: The smallest veins. Blood fiows into them from the capillary beds. Small veins that connect a vein with capillaries. MORE