Capillary Bed

Science / Biology / Capillary Bed: A branching network of capillaries supplied by arterioles and drained by venules.

Forset Bed

Science / Geology / Forset Bed: One of the inclined beds found in crossbedding: also an inclined bed deposited on the outer front of a delta. MORE

Forset Beds

Science / Geology / Forset Beds: The distinctly dipping sediment layers deposited on the front of a prograding delta or on the lee side of a sand dune. MORE

Graded Bedding

Science / Geology / Graded Bedding: A rock layer that has a progressive change in particle size from top to bottom. Most common is a sequence with coarse grains at the bottom and fining upwards, which is typically caused by a declining MORE

Fluid Bed Roaster

Life Style / Coffee / Fluid Bed Roaster: A roasting apparatus that works much like a giant popcorn popper, utilizing a column of forced hot air to simultaneously agitate and roast green coffee beans. These devices are sometimes called Sivitz MORE

Flat-Bed Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Flat-Bed Camera: Camera designed for copying artwork and documents. Mounted on a vertical column, like an enlarger, allowing the photographer to accommodate different documents or artwork for duplication. MORE

Featherbed Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Featherbed Frame: Famous Norton frame design by the McCandless brothers. It was introduced in 1950 and was given its name by factory rider Harold Daniell. MORE