Carrying Capacity

Science / Biology / Carrying Capacity: The maximum population size that can be regularly sustained by an environment; the point where the population size levels off in the logistic growth model.

Other Words for Capacity

Capacity Noun Synonyms: volume, content, size, dimensions, room, space

Aerobic Capacity

Health / Fitness / Aerobic Capacity: Another term for maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max) MORE

Debt Capacity

Business / Finance / Debt Capacity: A default on debt and obligations by a major financial institution that disrupts the stability of the economic system. MORE

Carrying Value

Business / Finance / Carrying Value: Costs that increase with increases in the level of investment in current assets. MORE

Incapacity Benefit

Business / Debt / Incapacity Benefit: A state benefit payable after the expiry of state sickness benefit if a person is still unfit to work. This replaces the former invalidity benefit and as such carries a reduced level of benefit.Income MORE

Milling Capacity

Science / Geology / Milling Capacity: The maximum amount of material that a mill can produce in a unit of time. MORE

Optimum Capacity

Business / Finance / Optimum Capacity: The amount of manufacturing output that creates the lowest cost per unit. MORE