Science / Biology / Channels: Transport proteins that act as gates to control the movement of sodium and potassium ions across the plasma membrane of a nerve cell.

Thoroughfare Channels

Science / Biology / Thoroughfare Channels: Shortcuts within the capillary network that allow blood to bypass a capillary bed. MORE

Dolby Pro Logic

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Pro Logic: Dolby Surround technology delivers four channels of audio - Left, Center, Right, and Mono Surround - that are matrix-encoded onto just two audio tracks. These two tracks are then carried on stereo pro MORE

Locks and Limits

Technology / Television (TV) / Locks and Limits: Allows you to restrict viewing of rated movies (based on the motion picture rating system) or to lock out entire channels. MORE

Multi-Satellite Dish

Technology / Television (TV) / Multi-Satellite Dish: It is often necessary for consumers to use a multi-satellite TV system, such as the directv Oval 5 LNB Slimeline Dish or DISH Networks DISH 1000. This would normally be required to access programming, MORE

Dolby Surround

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Surround: Or Dolby Stereo. Four audio channels (left, center, right, and surround) converted to two channels referred to as right-total and left-total. MORE

Digital Compression

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Compression: A process of translating video images into a digital code which takes up less transmission space than the original signal would have. This allows more channels per satellite transponder: typical compr MORE