Science / Biology / Chlorophyll: The pigment in green plants that absorbs solar energy.

Chlorophyll C

Science / Biology / Chlorophyll C: An accessory chlorophyll found in some protistans. MORE

Chlorophyll B

Science / Biology / Chlorophyll B: An accessory chlorophyll found in green algae and plants. MORE

Chlorophyll A

Science / Biology / Chlorophyll A: The green photosynthetic pigment common to all photosynthetic organisms. MORE

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Health / Herbs / Alfalfa (Medicago sativa): A blood purifier that reduces and prevents symptoms caused by arthritis, bursitis, and gout9, and also lowers cholesterol10. Contains natural fluorides, preventing tooth decay and helps rebuild decayi MORE


Life Style / Tea / Gyokuro: A high grade Japanese tea a produced by a special process in the Uji district of japan. It is made from tea grown on shaded bushes which increase chlorophyll content. MORE


Science / Biology / Grana: A series of stacked thylakoid disks containing chlorophyll; found in the inner membrane of chloroplasts. MORE