Chlorophyll B

Science / Biology / Chlorophyll B: An accessory chlorophyll found in green algae and plants.

Mandatory Rehabilitation

Health / Dentistry / Mandatory Rehabilitation: A 'mandatory' rehabilitation provision encourages disabled employees to participate in rehabilitation efforts whenever appropriate. Such a provision allows for termination of benefits if the employee MORE


Health / Dentistry / Mandible: The lower jaw. MORE

Mandatory Convertibles

Business / Finance / Mandatory Convertibles: A debt instrument that is exchangeable at some point for equity in the form of common stock or a new issue. MORE

Manaibular Staple (Bone Plate)

Health / Dentistry / Manaibular Staple (Bone Plate): A form of a trans-osseous implant in which a plate is placed partially into the inferior border, and a series of retentive pins are placed partially into the inferior border with two continuous screws MORE

Management By Objective (MBO)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Management By Objective (MBO): A performance appraisal strategy in which subordinates determine and set goals for themselves based on the overall goals and objectives for the organization. MORE

Mandibular Basal Bone

Health / Dentistry / Mandibular Basal Bone: That portion of the body of the mandible that remains after resorption of the alveolar process. This bone is considered stable and is utilized with the subperiosteal implant. MORE