Compound Leaf

Science / Biology / Compound Leaf: A leaf in which the blade forms small leaflets. Compound leaves that have several small leaflets originating from a central axis are termed pinnately compound; example: rose. Compound leaves that have their leaflets originating from a common point are termed palmately compound; example: palm.

Other Words for Compound

Compound Noun Synonyms: put together, combine, mix, concoct, compose, make (up), formulate, blend
Compound Verb Synonyms: blend, merge, coalesce, combine, unite, fuse or also fuze, come or go together
Compound Adjective Synonyms: composite, blend, synthesis, combination, consolidation, parasynthesis, parathesis, mixture, amalgam, alloy, merging, merger, mix


Life Style / Christmas Trees / Leaf: Plant structure which is the primary location for photosynthesis. Long slender leaves are often referred to as needles. MORE

Knotting Compound

Life Style / Painting / Knotting Compound: A clear finish or sealant for floors, for sealing knots. MORE

Leaf Primordia

Science / Biology / Leaf Primordia: Young leaves, recently formed by the shoot apical meristem, located at the tip of a shoot. MORE

Leaf Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Leaf Shutter: See between the lens shutter. MORE

Leaf Spring

Technology / Motorcycle / Leaf Spring: A spring that comprises strips of spring steel clamped together commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. One end is fixed and the other is attached to the spring component. It is also one MORE

Joint Cement Or Joint Compound

Business / Construction / Joint Cement Or Joint Compound: A powder that is usually mixed with water and used for joint treatment in gypsum-wallboard finish. Often called 'spackle' or drywall mud. MORE