Conditioned Response

Science / Biology / Conditioned Response: The response to a stimulus that occurs when an animal has learned to associate the stimulus with a certain positive or negative effect.

Other Words for Response

Response Noun Synonyms: answer, reply, retort, rejoinder, reaction, effect, feedback, return, comeback

Lag Response Of Prepayments

Business / Finance / Lag Response Of Prepayments: A delay of typically about three months between the time the weighted-average coupon of an MBS pool crosses the threshold for refinancing and observation of an acceleration in prepayment speed is obse MORE

Inflammatory Response

Science / Biology / Inflammatory Response: The bodys reaction to invading infectious microorganisms; includes an increase in blood fiow to the affected area, the release of chemicals that draw white blood cells, an increased fiow of plasma, an MORE

Frequency Response

Technology / Home Audio / Frequency Response: The range of frequencies that a speaker will reproduce (lowest frequency to the highest). While the optimal normal is 20 - 20,000 Hz (Hertz), the range of human hearing for individuals is often much m MORE

Average Response Value

Business / Internet Marketing / Average Response Value: The average revenue value of each click, calculated as total revenue divided by total clicks. MORE

Linear Phase Response

Technology / Home Audio / Linear Phase Response: Any system which accurately preserves phase relationships between frequencies. MORE

Polar Response

Technology / Home Audio / Polar Response: A plot of the Amplitude measurement of a speaker's output at a given frequency relative to an off-axis angle. In other words, the difference that exists between how a speaker sounds when being heard d MORE