Science / Biology / Contrast: In relation to microscopes, the ability to distinguish different densities of structures.

Other Words for Contrast

Contrast Verb Synonyms: conflict, differ or diverge or deviate
Contrast Adverb Synonyms: juxtapose, oppose, compare, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, set or place against, set off

High Contrast Developer

Entertainment / Photography / High Contrast Developer: Solutions used to produce high contrast images. MORE

Contrast Transfer Function (CTF)

Science / Spiders / Contrast Transfer Function (CTF): function that describes the transfer of information from the object (i.e., the object's projection) to the contrast observed in the image for bright field electron microscopy (the usual mode of imagin MORE

Variable Contrast Paper

Entertainment / Photography / Variable Contrast Paper: Is a printing paper in which the contrast can be varied depending on the color of the printing light. This can be altered by using different color filters. MORE

Contrast Grade

Entertainment / Photography / Contrast Grade: Numbers (usually 1-5) and names (soft, medium, hard, extra-hard, and ultra hard) of the contrast grades of photographic papers. MORE

Contrast Values

Entertainment / Photography / Contrast Values: Perceived difference between the light areas (highlights) and the dark areas (shadows) of a scene. The range of contrast levels between the highlights and the shadows is called contrast values. MORE

Amplitude Contrast Ratio

Science / Spiders / Amplitude Contrast Ratio: For a weak phase, weak amplitude object, the ratio Qo between the contrast transferred by cos(gamma) and sin(gamma) is called amplitude contrast ratio. It is different for different atoms, and strictl MORE