Cork Cambium

Science / Biology / Cork Cambium: A layer of lateral meristematic tissue between the cork and the phloem in the bark of woody plants.


Life Style / Wine / Corkscrew: A tool, comprising a pointed metallic helix attached to a handle, for drawing Corks from bottles. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Uncork: Free a motorcycle from a sealed or constrained state to unleash its power. In general use, it can simply mean to open up the throttle to obtain top speed. More specifically, it means to modify a stock MORE

Vascular Cambium

Science / Biology / Vascular Cambium: A layer of lateral meristematic tissue between the xylem and phloem in the stems of woody plants. Lateral meristem tissue in plants that produces secondary growth. MORE

Corked, Corky

Life Style / Wine / Corked, Corky: Smelling of cork rather than wine; due to a faulty cork. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Corked: A tasting term used to describe wines contaminated by trichloroanisole (a corked wine is not one with bits of cork floating in it). This chemical compound is the product of mould infection in the cork MORE


Science / Biology / Cork: The outer layer of the bark in woody plants; composed of dead cells. MORE