Science / Biology / Cortex: 1) The outer part of an organ, e.g., the adrenal cortex, which produces several steroid hormones; 2) in plants, the region of the stem or root between the epidermis and the vascular bundle(s).

Cerebral Cortex

Science / Biology / Cerebral Cortex: The outer layer of gray matter in the cerebrum; consists mainly of neuronal cell bodies and dendrites in humans; associated with higher functions, including language and abstract thought. MORE

Sensory Cortex

Science / Biology / Sensory Cortex: A region of the brain associated with the parietal lobe. MORE


Science / Biology / Cerebrum: The part of the forebrain that includes the cerebral cortex; the largest part of the human brain. MORE


Science / Biology / Cortisol: The primary glucocorticoid hormone; released by the adrenal cortex. MORE

Cortical Bone

Health / Dentistry / Cortical Bone: A peripheral layer of compact osseous tissue. The average thickness of the cortex of alveolar bone is two millimeters. MORE

Sex Hormones

Science / Biology / Sex Hormones: A group of steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. Hormones that are produced in the gonads and promoted development and maintainence of the secondary sex characteristics and structures, prep MORE