Dark Reactions

Science / Biology / Dark Reactions: The photosynthetic process in which food (sugar) molecules are formed from carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with the use of ATP; can occur in the dark as long as ATP is present.

Other Words for Dark

Dark Adjective Synonyms: unlit, unlighted, unilluminated, ill-lighted, ill-lit, sunless, black, Stygian, pitch-dark, inky, jet-black
Dark Noun Synonyms: darkness, blackness, gloom, gloominess, murk, murkiness


Entertainment / Photography / Darkslide: Slide-in plastic sheet used on sheet film cameras over the front of the film holder to protect the emulsion from light. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Darkroom: Light tight room used for processing and printing. It usually incorporates safe lighting suitable for the materials in use. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Darkfield: Method of illumination used in photomicography that will show a specimen against a dark or black background. MORE

Kadarka Blanc

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Kadarka Blanc: Now reported (2002) by DNA analysis to be identical to the Martinsriesling (possible misspelling of Marienriesling ?) variety. It is currently unclear as to whether the variety has the synonym name Ka MORE

Kadarka Blau

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Kadarka Blau: Also known as Kadarka Kek. Has over 40 synonym names where grown throughout eastern Europe. Native variety indigenous to Hungary. Once used as the main ingredient in 'Egri Bikaver' (ie. 'Bulls-blood), MORE

One In The Dark

Entertainment / Bowling / One In The Dark: Same as barmaid. MORE