Science / Biology / Diaphragm: A dome-shaped muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities.

Diaphragm Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Diaphragm Shutter: Between the lens camera shutter that performs the function of the iris diaphragm. MORE

Burst Diaphragm

Technology / Rockets / Burst Diaphragm: A thin (metal) disc which fails at a known pressure, releasing pressurant, fuel or oxidizer into flow lines. MORE

Iris Diaphragm

Entertainment / Photography / Iris Diaphragm: Continuously adjustable lens aperture consisting of interposed metal leaves. MORE

Limiting Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Limiting Aperture: Actual size of the aperture formed by the iris diaphragm at any setting. MORE

Effective Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Effective Aperture: Diameter of the bundle of light rays striking the first lens element that actually pass through the lens at any given diaphragm setting. MORE

Entrance Pupil

Entertainment / Photography / Entrance Pupil: Size of the beam of light which, entering the elements of a compound lens that are in front of the aperture, completely fills the iris diaphragm. MORE