Science / Biology / Dicots: One of the two main types of flowering plants; characterized by having two cotyledons, floral organs arranged in cycles of four or five, and leaves with reticulate veins; include trees (except conifers) and most ornamental and crop plants.

Tap Root

Science / Biology / Tap Root: A primary root that grows vertically downward and gives off small lateral roots; occurs in dicots. Root system in plants characterized by one root longer than the other roots. Example: carrot. MORE


Science / Biology / Monocots: One of the two major types of fiowering plants; characterized by having a single cotyledon, fioral organs arranged in threesd or multiples of three, and parallel-veined leaves; include grasses, cattai MORE

Leaf Veins

Science / Biology / Leaf Veins: Vascular tissue in leaves, arranged in a net-like network (reticulate vennation) in dicots, and running parallel (parallel vennation) to each other in monocots. MORE