Science / Biology / Digestion: The process of breaking down food into its molecular and chemical components so that these nutrient molecules can cross plasma membranes.

Intracellular Digestion

Science / Biology / Intracellular Digestion: A form of digestion in which food is taken into cells by phagocytosis; found in sponges and most protozoa and coelenterates. MORE

Extracellular Digestion

Science / Biology / Extracellular Digestion: A form of digestion found in annelids, crustaceans, and chordates including vertebrates; takes place within the lumen of the digestive system, and the resulting nutrient molecules are transferred into MORE

Digestion Efficiency

Science / Marine Biology / Digestion Efficiency: The fraction of living food that does not survive passage through a predator's gut MORE

Period Of Digestion

Business / Finance / Period Of Digestion: The time period of often high volatility after a new issue is released when the trading price of the security is established by the market. MORE

Stevia Herb (Stevia rebaudiana)

Health / Herbs / Stevia Herb (Stevia rebaudiana): Digestion, herb has very sweet taste. MORE

Cystic Fibrosis

Science / Biology / Cystic Fibrosis: An autosomal recessive genetic disorder that causes the production of mucus that clogs the airways of the lungs and the ducts of the pancreas and other secretory glands. MORE