Science / Biology / Dinoflagellates: Single-celled to colonial protistans characterized by two flagella, one girdling the cell and the other trailing the cell. Some dinoflagellates exist in coral, in a symbiotic relationship. These dinoflagellates are termed the zooxanthellae. Other dinoflagellates occur in such high numbers that the water is colored red, a phenomenon known as a red tide.

Red Tide

Science / Marine Biology / Red Tide: A dense outburst of phytoplankton (usually dinoflagellates) often coloring water red brown MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Zooxanthellae: A group of dinoflagellates living endosymbiotically in association with one of a variety of invertebrate groups (e.g., corals) MORE

Red Tides

Science / Biology / Red Tides: Phenomenon associated with population explosions (blooms) of certain types of dinoflagellates; red structures inside the dinoflagellates cause the water to have a reddish color. MORE