Disruptive Selection

Science / Biology / Disruptive Selection: A process of natural selection that favors individuals at both extremes of a phenotypic range.

Other Words for Selection

Selection Adjective Synonyms: assortment, variety, collection, range, batch, number, set, series, group
Selection Verb Synonyms: choice, pick, preference, option
Selection Noun Synonyms: extract, quotation, excerpt, abstract, passage, piece, quote

Selection Process

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Selection Process: Any step, combination of steps or procedure used as a basis for any employment decision, including, but not limited to, informal or casual interviews, unscored application forms, paper and pencil test MORE

Selection Pressure

Science / Marine Biology / Selection Pressure: A measure of the effectiveness of natural selection in altering the genetic composition of a population. See also natural selection. MORE

Selection De Grains Nobles

Life Style / Wine / Selection De Grains Nobles: A sweet botrytized wine made in the French region of Alsace MORE


Business / Finance / Self-Selection: Consequence of a contract that induces only one group to participate. MORE

Stabilizing Selection

Science / Biology / Stabilizing Selection: A process of natural selection that tends to favor genotypic combinations that produce an intermediate phenotype; selection against the extremes in variation. MORE

Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures Of 1978

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures Of 1978: The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures address the use of interviewing, testing, training and other employee selection tools and their impact on discrimination based on race, color, r MORE