Science / Biology / Dominance: The property of one of a pair of alleles that suppresses the expression of the other member of the pair in heterozygotes.

Complete Dominance

Science / Biology / Complete Dominance: The type of inheritance in which both heterozygotes and dominant homozygotes have the same phenotype. MORE

Dominance Hierarchy

Science / Biology / Dominance Hierarchy: A social structure among a group of animals in which one is dominant and the others have subordinate nonbreeding positions. MORE

Incomplete Dominance

Science / Biology / Incomplete Dominance: A type of inheritance in which the heterozygote has a phenotype intermediate to those of the homozygous parents. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Overdominance: Selection favoring heterozygotes MORE


Science / Biology / Codominance: A type of inheritance in which heterozygotes fully express both alleles. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Pwned: To 'pwn' is to 'own.' A slang term that implies dominance over, or humiliation of another player. The term is used for mockery, and is essentially used the same way as the term 'owned' from which it i MORE