Science / Biology / Duplication: An extra copy of a chromosome segment without altering the number of chromosomes.

Audience Duplication

Technology / Television (TV) / Audience Duplication: The extent to which the audience of one station is exposed to that of another. MORE

Reduplication Phenomena

Science / Psychiatry / Reduplication Phenomena: part or all of the body is felt to be reduplicated MORE

Transfer Agreements

Life Style / College / Transfer Agreements: Greenville Tech has transfer agreements with area colleges and universities to help you transfer. If you follow one of these agreements, you can move from an associate degree to a bachelor's degree wi MORE

Gross Rating Points (GRP)

Technology / Television (TV) / Gross Rating Points (GRP): The sum of individual telecast ratings on a total program basis or advertiser commercial schedule, without regard to duplication. For example, 10 announcements each with a 10 rating would produce a to MORE

Supplemental Results

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Supplemental Results: Documents which generally are trusted less and rank lower than documents in the main search index. Some search engines, such as Google, have multiple indicies. Documents which are not well trusted due MORE

Yahwist Text

Entertainment / Literature / Yahwist Text: In biblical studies, this textual tradition contrasts with the E Text and the P Text appearing in Genesis and other parts of the Torah. As for the abbreviation 'J,' in German transliteration of Hebrew MORE