Electron Transport

Science / Biology / Electron Transport: 1) A series of coupled oxidation/reduction reactions where electrons are passed like hot potatoes from one membrane-bound protein/enzyme to another before being finally attached to a terminal electron acceptor (usually oxygen or NADPH). ATP is formed by this process. 2) coupled series of oxidation/reduction reactions during which ATP is generated by energy transfer as electrons move from high reducing state to lower reducing state.

Other Words for Transport

Transport Verb Synonyms: exile, banish, deport, send away
Transport Adjective Synonyms: carry, bear, convey, move, remove, transfer, deliver, fetch, bring, get, take, ship, haul, transmit, send, forward

Electron Acceptor

Science / Biology / Electron Acceptor: A molecule that forms part of the electron transport system that transfers electrons ejected by chlorophyll during photosynthesis. Part of the energy carried by the electrons is transferred to ATP, pa MORE

Electronic Ticket

Life Style / Travel / Electronic Ticket: A ' paperless ' airline ticket allowing one to check-in and fly with just proper photo id. What may look like a ticket is actually just a paper passenger receipt. E-tickets cannot be lost, or used by MORE

Electronic Support (ES)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Support (ES): Electronic support aims to gain sufficient information about radar sensors to allow an understanding of the radar’s characteristics including its role, its method of operation, and its strengths and MORE