Science / Biology / Eon: The longest umit of geological time.


Entertainment / Literature / Anacreontics: Poetry or song-verse modeled on the poetry of the Greek poet Anacreon--i.e., carpe diem poetry praising hedonistic pleasures of wine, women, and song, written in trochaic tetrameter. Here is a typical MORE

Sturgeons Law

Entertainment / Literature / Sturgeons Law: When asked why so much of science fiction consisted of 'crap' (junk literature), science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, reportedly responded that '90% of everything was crap.' His point was that, y MORE

Neon (Ne)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Neon (Ne): Atomic number: 10, Atomic mass: 20.179 g.mol -1, Electronegativity: unknown, Density: 0.9*10 -3 g.cm-3 at 20°C, Melting point: -249 °C, Boiling point: -246 °C, Vanderwaals radius: 0.16 nm, Ionic ra MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Paeon: Greek and latin metrical foot consisting of three short and one long syllables: the first paeon / ' ~ ~ ~ /, the second paeon / ~ ' ~ ~ /, the third paeon / ~ ~ ' ~ /, and the fourth paeon / ~ ~ ~ ' / MORE

Mandarine Napoleon

Entertainment / Liquor / Mandarine Napoleon: A French brandy-based liqueur that is flavored with tangerine skins. Grand Marnier is widely preferred to Mandarine Napoleon. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pleonasm: A habit of speech or writing in which an idea repeats itself in a single sentence, i.e., a redundancy. For example, 'tiny little town' is a pleonasm, as opposed to 'tiny town' or 'little town.' Most m MORE