Science / Biology / Ethylene: A gaseous plant hormone that stimulates fruit ripening and the dropping of leaves.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS)

Health / Disease / Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS): Organic compounds that evaporate readily into the air. VOCs include substances such as benzene, toluene, methylene chloride, and methyl chloroform. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / A-PEN: Annealed polyethylene naphthalate. A polyester material used as the base on advanced photo system film. MORE

Vapor Barrier

Business / Construction / Vapor Barrier: A building product installed on exterior walls and ceilings under the drywall and on the warm side of the insulation. It is used to retard the movement of water vapor into walls and prevent condensati MORE


Science / Chemistry / Vinyl: A polymer made by linking ethylene (CH2=CH2) or substituted ethylene molecules together. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Polydentate: A ligand that has more than one atom that coordinates directly to the central atom in a complex. Polydentate ligands are called chelating agents when two or more coordinating atoms are attached to the MORE


Science / Chemistry / Alkene: A compound that consists of only carbon and hydrogen, that contains at least one carbon-carbon double bond. Alkene names end with -ene. Examples are ethylene (CH2=CH2); 1-propene (CH2=CH2CH3), and 2-o MORE