Evolutionary Tree

Science / Biology / Evolutionary Tree: A diagram showing the evolutionary history of organisms based on differences in amino acid sequences. Organisms with fewer differences are placed closer together while those with more differences are further apart.

Tree Assistance Program (TAP)

Business / Agriculture / Tree Assistance Program (TAP): A disaster assistance program, administered by the Farm Service Agency, that makes payments for lost orchard trees and vines that produce annual crops. The program has been funded on an ad hoc basis, MORE

Tree (Vrksasana)

Health / Yoga / Tree (Vrksasana): A standing pose. Stand in Mountain pose. Bend one knee up to your chest and raise your arms straight above your head, bringing the palms together. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Tree: A player who is playing much better than they normally play, or a shot that a player hits that he/she would not normally make under normal circumstances. MORE

Tea Tree

Life Style / Tea / Tea Tree: A tea bush or plant which has been allowed to return to its wild state and grow back into a tree. MORE

Tree Measurement Sales

Business / Agriculture / Tree Measurement Sales: A timber sale where purchasers pay the total bid value (the estimated timber volume times the stumpage price) regardless of the volume of timber actually removed. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Treeing: Someone who is playing much better than they normally play. MORE