Science / Biology / Fermentation: The synthesis of ATP in the absence of oxygen through glycolysis.

Alcoholic Fermentation

Life Style / Wine / Alcoholic Fermentation: The action of yeast upon sugar results in its conversion to ethyl alcohol, with carbon dioxide as a by-product. Fermentation will often start naturally with yeasts on the grapes, but cultured yeasts m MORE

Malolactic Fermentation

Life Style / Wine / Malolactic Fermentation: This is completely separate from the alcoholic fermentation, which results from the action of yeast upon sugar, producing alcohol. The malolactic fermentation, which is a bacterial process, results in MORE

Sulphur (SO2 )

Life Style / Wine / Sulphur (SO2 ): An anti-oxidant used in making most wines; the fermentation process creates minute natural amounts. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Sulphur: This is an important element in winemaking, with a wide variety of uses, often as part of the compound sulphur dioxide. It is widely used in the vineyard as a prophylactic for Oidium, whereas in the w MORE

Sugar Ripeness

Life Style / Wine / Sugar Ripeness: When the grapes reach a certain sugar concentration, sufficient for alcoholic fermentation and meeting the demands of the winemaker, this is sugar ripeness. It is distinct from physiological ripeness MORE

Tartrate Crystals

Life Style / Wine / Tartrate Crystals: During fermentation tartaric acid may be converted into potassium hydrogen tartrate, formed through its reaction with potassium. This compound may crystallise, when conditions are cold, to form small MORE