Freshwater Biome

Science / Biology / Freshwater Biome: The aquatic biome consisting of water containing fewer salts than the waters in the marine biome; divided into two zones: running waters (rivers, streams) and standing waters (lakes, ponds).

Taiga Biome

Science / Biology / Taiga Biome: The region of coniferous forest extending across much of northern Europe, Asia, and North America; characterized by long, cold winters and short, cool summers and by acidic, thin soils. MORE

Temperate Forest Biome

Science / Biology / Temperate Forest Biome: Extends across regions of the northern hemisphere with abundant rainfall and long growing seasons. Deciduous, broad-leaved trees are the dominant plants. MORE

Tropical Rain Forest Biome

Science / Biology / Tropical Rain Forest Biome: The most complex and diverse biome; found near the equator in South America and Africa; characterized by thin soils, heavy rainfall, and little fiuctuation in temperature. MORE

Tundra Biome

Science / Biology / Tundra Biome: Extensive treeless plain across northern Europe, Asia, and North American between the taiga to the south and the permanent ice to the north. Much of the soil remains frozen in permafrost, and grasses MORE

Marine Biome

Science / Biology / Marine Biome: The aquatic biome consisting of waters containing 3.5% salt on average; includes the oceans and covers more than 70% of the Earths surface; divided into benthic and pelagic zones. MORE

Grasslands Biome

Science / Biology / Grasslands Biome: Occurs in temperate and tropical regions with reduced rainfall or prolonged dry seasons; characterized by deep, rich soil, an absence of trees, and large herds of grazing animals. MORE