Frontal Lobe

Science / Biology / Frontal Lobe: The lobe of the cerebral cortex that is responsible for motor activity, speech, and thought processes.

Side Lobes

Technology / Radar / Side Lobes: Unwanted lobes of a radiation pattern, ie., lobes other than major lobes. Also called minor lobes. MORE

Pre-Frontal Trough

Science / Weather / Pre-Frontal Trough: An elongated area of relatively low pressure preceding a cold front that is usually associated with a shift in wind direction. MORE

Pre-Frontal Squall Line

Science / Weather / Pre-Frontal Squall Line: A line of thunderstorms that precedes an advancing cold front. MORE

Sidelobe Blanking (SLB)

Technology / Radar / Sidelobe Blanking (SLB): Antennas with poor sidelobe performance can be improved by using sidelobe blanking techniques. MORE

Sidelobe Cancellation (SLC)

Technology / Radar / Sidelobe Cancellation (SLC): Sidelobe cancellation determines the direction of the jamming signal and effectively steers a null into that direction to zero out the jamming signal. Planar array antenna systems can perform this ele MORE

Temporal Lobe

Science / Biology / Temporal Lobe: The lobe of the cerebral cortex that is responsible for processing auditory signals. MORE