Science / Biology / Gametes: Haploid reproductive cells (ovum and sperm).

Sequential Hermaphrodite

Science / Marine Biology / Sequential Hermaphrodite: An individual that sequentially produces male and then female gametes or vice versa MORE


Science / Biology / Diploid: Cells that contain homologous chromosomes. The number of chromosomes in the cells is the diploid number and is equal to 2n (n is the number of homologous pairs). MORE

Somatic Cell

Science / Biology / Somatic Cell: A cell that is not or will not become a gamete; the cells of the body. MORE

Somatic Cells

Science / Genetics / Somatic Cells: Any cell in the body except gametes and their precursors. MORE

Asexual Reproduction

Science / Biology / Asexual Reproduction: A method of reproduction in which genetically identical offspring are produced from a single parent; occurs by many mechanisms, including fission, budding, and fragmentation. MORE

Epidemic Spawning

Science / Marine Biology / Epidemic Spawning: Simultaneous shedding of gametes by a large number of individuals MORE