Science / Biology / Genera: Taxonomic subcategories within families (sing.: genus), composed of one or more species.

General Real Estate Tax

Business / Real Estate / General Real Estate Tax: General real estate taxes are levied to fund the operation of the governmental agency that imposes the taxes. MORE

Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)

Business / Agriculture / Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS): A regulatory category created for a group of food additives that were exempted from the more rigorous regulatory requirements for food additives in the 1958 Food Additives Amendment to the Food Drug a MORE

General Plan

Business / Real Estate / General Plan: Every city and county is required to develop a general plan of comprehensive zoning. MORE

Limited-Tax General Obligation Bond

Business / Finance / Limited-Tax General Obligation Bond: A general obligation bond of a government backed by specified or constrained revenue sources. MORE

General Warranty Deed

Business / Real Estate / General Warranty Deed: A deed in which the grantor fully warrants good clear title to the premises. Used in most real estate deed transfers, a general warranty deed offers the greatest protection of any deed. MORE

General Revenue

Business / Finance / General Revenue: A partnership in which all participants are general partners. MORE