Science / Biology / Genotype: The genetic (alleleic) makeup of an organism with regard to an observed trait.


Science / Genetics / Selection: The process of determining the relative share allotted individuals of different genotypes in the propagation of a population: the selective effect of a gene can be defined by the probability that carr MORE


Science / Biology / Phenotype: The observed properties or outward appearance of a trait. The physical expression of the alleles posessed by an organism. MORE

Heritable Character

Science / Marine Biology / Heritable Character: A morphological character whose given state can be explained partially in terms of the genotype of the individual MORE

Assortative Mating

Science / Marine Biology / Assortative Mating: The mating of a given genotype mates with another genotype at a frequency disproportionate to that expected from random encounter. MORE

Pinot Noir

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pinot Noir: Belongs to the premier Pinot grape 'cépage' of the Burgundy region of France. Recently (2002) recognized that the progenitors of the cépage are most likely Traminer and a clonal selection, or seedli MORE


Science / Genetics / Haplotype: A way of denoting the collective genotype of a number of closely linked loci on a chromosome. MORE