Geographic Isolation

Science / Biology / Geographic Isolation: Separation of populations of a species by geographic means (distance, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc.) that lead to reproductive isolation of those populations.

Isolation Exercise

Health / Fitness / Isolation Exercise: Weight lifting exercise that stimulate just a single muscle group. Good for defining a muscle. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Isolation: Electrical or acoustical separation to prevent the spread of noise and the effect on the signal of unwanted elements produced by internal or external devices. MORE

Geographical Differential

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Geographical Differential: The variance in pay established for same or comparable jobs based on variations in labor and costs of living among other geographic regions. MORE

Latitude, Geographic

Science / Astrology / Latitude, Geographic: Angular distance measured on Earth north or south of the equator. MORE

Longitude, Geographical Or Terrestrial

Science / Astrology / Longitude, Geographical Or Terrestrial: The distance in arc a given point on Earth lies east or west of the prime meridian, which passes through Greenwich, England (0° longitude). Geographical longitude is measured from 0° to 180°. See a MORE

Paleogeographic Map

Science / Geology / Paleogeographic Map: A map that shows the distribution of sedimentary environments at a specific time in the past. These maps are made by studying the rock record to correlate rock units that were deposited at the same ti MORE